Premium Protector

Saliva DNA test Kit

The most advanced DNA test ever!

Sequence 99.9% of your DNA with this Whole Genome Sequencing plan. Get personalised reports and free lifetime updates for your genomic data.


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What's Included

Your DNA test kit

When buying a test you will get a non-invasive sample collection kit. It’s just saliva. The instructions are provided by us and it’s free to send your sample to our labs.

High quality results

Each individual base will be checked 30 times to guarantee the sequence accuracy, and this will be done following highest standards in industry.

203 Reports

We provide a range of 203 reports, over 15 categories, and 57 genetic disorders covered.

Analyse 99.9% of your DNA

With Premium Protector test kit you get the whole genome sequencing done, which means 99.9% of your DNA is analysed.

Mobile app + PDF report

By having a secure account with us you can access your reports via website or app at all times and download them on PDF if needed.

Personalised action plan

We provide in-depth analysis for your individual targeted risks and actions to mitigate and prevent those risks.

Lifetime updates

Make an investment for life, sequence once and get continuous updates as science progresses, and discover new insights on your DNA.

Fully encrypted data

Only you have the key to access your data. We use a patented Fully Homomorphic Encryption technology for your security and privacy.

Genetic counselling


Genetic disorders to choose from.

You will be able do have an 1 to 1 with a genetic counsellor and discuss your DNA reports.


Genetic reports 

15 categories

genetic testing like 23andme

Genetic Counselling

It is important to have the opportunity to discuss with a doctor or genetic counsellor any questions or worries that you may have. Our premium package includes a 1-2-1 consultation with a certified genetic counsellor. Speak with our team of genetics-trained health professionals during your 30-minute consultation.

A genetic counsellor can help you understand:

• the risks and benefits of you having a genetic test
• the potential results of your test and what they mean
• how your family members may be affected if the test shows a serious health condition runs in your family
• the risk of you and your partner passing on a health condition to your children
• your options if you have a child with an inherited health condition and you do not want your next child to inherit it

How it works



Family planning

Inherit conditions are passed down from generation to generation. We can help you find those conditions on time and plan a family.

There are many ways to pass conditions that can affect a family and many of us are carriers of inherited conditions and don’t know it.

For example, only one copy of the faulty gene is needed to cause the condition. If a member of a couple is affected by one of these conditions, then they will have a 50% (one in two) chance of having a child affected by this condition.

In other cases, we need both parents of a child to be carriers of the condition. Two copies of the defective gene are required to cause the disease.

When family members come to decide about having children, they are usually in an informed position as to their risks.

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Collect your sample

Your data gets encrypted

Access your results

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Choose your  test kit

What's in the report

✓ Description of genetic disorders

✓ General advice

✓ Evaluation of family risks

✓ Clinical information on genetic disorder

✓ Action and specific advice

✓ Reproduction/Pregnancy Management

✓ Information on variants found

✓ Steps to follow next

✓ Glossary

✓ Frequency

✓ Prevention measures

✓ RAW data available (on request)

✓ Causes

✓ Surveillance

Technology you can trust

We use the utmost advanced technology in both Next Generation Sequencing and in Lab Computerization with scientifically validated tests to deliver the best quality and accuracy for your results. Our technology allows us to sequence your entire DNA with unparalleled precision, encrypt and focus on entire DNA analysis, unlike the competitors. Our labs include many quality certifications including ISO/IEC 27001.


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You have the key to your data


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We do not sell your data, lease or allow any third-party access. Only you have the key to open, and the power to decide how or if you want to share your data. We are working with global leaders in the ISO committee. All-access to our pipeline is patented encrypted technology:
Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).

Our other tests

Upload your FASTQ Files for analysis of your unique DNA. Personalised easy to read report.

  • Upload your DNA Raw data (FastQ files)
  • Results as PDF reports
  • Secure DNA encryption
  • 1 year free update on all Reports
  • Time for results 2-3 days

Sequence 99.9% of your DNA with this whole-genome sequencing plan and get 203 health reports.

  • All Target test features +
  • Analyse 99.9% of your DNA
  • Cancer reports
  • Health Risk & Disease reports
  • Dementia & Brain Health reports
  • Over 200 reports
  • Fully personalised reports