A big difference in your Health


  • 99.99% DNA analysed
  • Action Plan
  • FREE 1-2-1 Genetic Counsellor or Physician consultation included
  • Access to a dashboard with all your genes information
  • Printable PDF
  • Constant updates
  • DNA Encrypted

The most advanced DNA test ever!

Genes are the KEY to your most important health decisions

Our DNA is the source of information, we can prevent and identify in what we shall focus on. By analysing your DNA we can get our DNA Map with the essential information to make the best decisions about your health, and your living. 

CircaGene is the industry's best test, developed by doctors, scientists and physicians; making it the best tool and most advanced test on the market. We use Next Generation Sequencing based on only the most reliable scientific publications and validated research.

Accurate, reliable and scientific.

Most of the competitors only analyse 2% of your DNA, we analyse 99.99% of your DNA making CircaGene the best option analysing over 8 billion data points before giving you a full report.


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Kit includes:

Saliva Collection Tube


Box / container

Return label

how dna test is done

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