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Dr Isaenko Mental Health Services

Number one clinic that provides a full range of services from various specialists:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychotherapist

  • Pathopsychologist
  • Reflexologist

    • Inpatient

    • Neurologist
    • Neurophysiologist
    • Therapist
    • Sex therapist
    • Expert in narcology

    • Ultrasound


    The word "clinic" sounds intimidating to many of us, doesn't it?

    We represent white walls, wards with beds, a hospital smell and doctors, whose faces are hidden under masks...

    It's time to leave your fears and concerns in the past because Dr Isaenko clinic offers to look from a different angle not only to the level of medical services but also to the place in which they are provided. They have created a cosy, comfortable, modern, and functional space, where every millimetre is permeated with air, light and a friendly atmosphere.

    Here you are not a patient, but a welcome guest, as always.

    Multimodal Approach

    The multimodal approach includes elucidating the causes of the problem from different sides, both from the therapeutic side (changes in the functioning of the thyroid gland, the endocrine system, the study of the presence of somatic pathology), neurological (studies of the brain, examination by a therapist for the presence of organic pathologies), pathopsychological (the study of mental disorders ) and in conclusion, examination by a psychiatrist and analysis of problems related to internal conflict. Based on the data obtained, we prescribe an adequate, correct therapy.

    Therefore, the mental health Dr Isaenko clinic is a powerful clinical base for identifying and healing mental disorders. This space was created to benefit the health of the population of Ukraine and humanity.

    All mental health!

    Best specialists in the country!