What does it mean DNA Privacy?

What does privacy mean to you? Seclusion? Freedom from intrusion? To us, privacy is EVERYTHING.

It separates your data away from those who want to violate it, that value, freeing you from those who want to tamper with it.

In regards to holding your information, especially DNA information privacy is similar to owning the master key to your personal data. When privacy is abused and violated, it can unlock elements of yourself, for instance, your genetic data. This interference of your data violates your dignity and fundamental human right, hence why it’s so important to protect it #DNAPrivacy

As you may or may not know, data security has become a growing issue specifically regarding DNA data. At CircaGene we want to protect your fundamental human right to privacy of your DNA data. We want to give you the master key to your own information through our patented technology which encrypts your genetic analysis, mitigating and fully protecting your data from any risk of data theft.

Read more about the privacy and how we patented the way to keep it encrypted https://circagenes.com/about-us/the-privacy

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