Choose your test kit and create account

After you purchase one of our tests, please create an account on our website or app. The account is required to access your results and keep your data safe and private


Collect your sample and send it to us, it’s free

Your test kit will arrive in 2-3 days. Follow the instructions provided to collect a saliva sample, send it back to our lab with the included pre-paid postage.


Your data gets encrypted and analysis starts

Once your DNA sample reaches one of our labs, we begin to analyse it and protecting your data. Your data is anonymised and encrypted with our Homomorphic Encryption*


Access your reports with your unique key

When your results are ready, we will notify you, head then to our website or app, login into your account, type your unique key code when prompted and access your results.

How do customers choose a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company?

When customers want to analyse their DNA, there are options to analyse it. Many companies provide direct-to-consumer genetic testing (DTC) services, making it more difficult for a customer to decide which test is most helpful and provides the right information.DTC genetic testing allows you to take these tests within the comfort of your home, making DTC genetic testing more consumer-centric. There are different types of  DTC genetic tests that help a customer decide the best company to use such as:

  • Diseases
  • Lifestyle
  • Kinship
  • Ancestry

There reasons and motivations that lead customers to choose a DTC genetic testing company, reasons such as:

  • Easy to access your information- no need for clinicians approval.
  • Recognising the importance of genetics information- If the results show there is a genetic predisposition to diseases this establishes the need to improve personal healthcare.
  • Affordable- DTC genetic testing is less expensive compared to the results being collected through a healthcare provider.
  • Noninvasive-  Maintains a basic human right to privacy efficiently.
  • Further medical - Your data further greater healthcare and can be used to represent many people.

At CircaGene we provide DTC genetic testing that analyses risk to your health. We aim to give you control over your data and provide a better healthy future. 

- How is direct-to-consumer genetic testing done?

Traditionally, healthcare providers are at the forefront of analysing the DNA samples and they decide the necessary testing needed to be ordered in a laboratory. The DNA sample is then collected and sent to be interpreted within the laboratory. This form of genetic testing allows healthcare providers to be more hands-on with your DNA sampling.

Let us explain how direct-to-consumer genetic testing is done and you will see for yourself why it’s more consumer-centric.

1- Choose your test kit and create an account

At CircaGene we aim to create a secure account once you’ve chosen the best genetic test for you.

2- We send over the test kit, collect your sample and send it back to us for free!

Test kit takes 2-3 days for arrival. Within the kit, there are easy to follow instructions that will require a saliva sample. Then find your nearest post box and send it back to our lab using the pre-paid postage.

3- Data gets encrypted and analysis begins

When your DNA arrives at our labs, using our fully homomorphic encryption, we encrypt your data for your security. Then start analysing your sample.

4- Sit back and relax with the access of your reports at the tip of your fingers!

Once reports are made then you will be notified to check your results on our website through your secure account.